Exhibiting my art

Camus said "any artist who goes in for being famous in our society must know that it is not he who will become famous, but someone else under his name, someone who will eventually escape him and perhaps someday will kill the true artist in him." 

Apart from this website, I have exhibited a few times with art galleries and art groups and am not at risk of becoming famous. The liberty of creation is privilege enough. 

  • 2013:   Art Space 8, Mornington, Victoria
  • 2013:   Somers Art Fair, Somers, Victoria
  • 2018:   Archibeau Prize, BAGART Gallery, Beaumaris, Victoria
  • 2018:   Somers Art Fair, Somers, Victoria
  • 2019:   Brunswick Art Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria
  • 2019:   Glenside Lions Art Show, Adelaide, South Australia
  • 2019:   Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy